Virtualdub Pack

Hi all,

I had been using Virtualdub for a number of years but seem to have fallen a bit behind. I was comfortable with my current setup and never even thought about updating or researching recent developments.

It wasn’t until Larry Compton’s recent Vitrualdub tutorial during this years LEVA conference that I realised I had been missing out! (and I hate that!!!)

As a result I have packed up Virtualdub, a selection of filters and plugin’s and FFDshow into 1 install file.

Just download the pack, and run it.

It will install Virtualdub into your Program Files, stick a shortcut on your desktop and then install FFdshow.

I hope to do a bit more work on this and include some more filters as time allows.

Download Link

All resources from

Update: I have tweaked the install to place a shortcut into your Program list and also a readme and licence text.

I will make a list of all plugins and filters and will be adding a few more in the next few weeks.

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