Another helpful bit of software this week has been SMplayer but I have had to play around with its settings to get it to do what I wanted!

I thought I would post these as they may also help others out!

A lot of the proprietary formats are weird h263 / h264 video streams. As such, if you can isolate the camera streams then these are sometimes playable in universal players such as SMplayer.

Main Page

The Preference menu

After carving out all the camera chunks I have been left with a new file with only my camera of interest. By putting this file through a video information tool such as Mediainfo I can tell that its recorded size was 720 x 288, along with a few other bits of interest.

When I put this into SMplayer – it plays ok and we now need to do some stuff with it.

In the main preferences menu you can easily alter where your frame grabs are to be saved. I always tend to create the folder first so it can be found easily by the program.

The next thing is that in the advanced section there are a number of handy text boxes that enable you to enter command line instructions to adjust the file you are playing or control the player automatically.

As you can see in the 2nd image on the right, I have selected Rebuild index and also Correct PTS. These options are experimental.

You may find that a file will not play or plays worse with these selected but in my case it did help.


Advanced Tab 1

The next bit concerns running actions when a file is loaded. This came in handy as I wanted to load a file, play it and begin grabbing frames immediatly.

There are many options but as you can see from the options I chose, I wanted it to play and then begin the multiple screenshot option.

The next bit took a bit of working out! My file is 720×288 but the player and subsequent screenshots were all 768×288. The player was trying to adjust the footage automatically into a correct widescreen aspect ratio.

By putting the setting below into the corect box, the footage played correctly and my frame grabs were all correct.


M Player Options

I hope this helps you out a little and you find other ways to tweak the program to do what you need.

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