Spreadys Software Pack V1

Its been another busy few months. With life at work getting increasingly

hectic, the LEVA level 1 and Level 2 courses were like coming across an

oasis in the middle of a desert.

For info, I now can’t wait to get back to Indy – really taken with the

place and the people.

Meeting like minded people, and spending time with them was ‘awesome’.

Anyway, as a result of various conversations during the Level2

(and after my rough guide that I sent out during level 1),

I have put together a collection of freeware and shareware software

that ‘may’ help the CCTV Video examiner.

You can download it now from:



UPDATE – now use Pack in shared Box on right side.

Just right click, save target as……

It’s a big file at over 400mb so please give it some time to download!

It will install the folder containing the software in your C drive

and then place a shortcut to the programs launcher on your desktop.

The launcher gives you access to all the software and a help file

that details all the software.

This was a quick build over the last few days and could do with a

little tweaking but its a start!

Hope it comes in handy.

Oh, you can also burn the entire folder contents to optical disk

and it will create an autorun CD.

Take care out there,


By Spreadys Posted in EEPIP

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