Edius 6

I thought it was about time I created another blog entry…and what better subject than my first impressions of the Edius 6 NLE.

A bit of history first…

I started out in my video life with capturing hi8 footage via analogue into a WindowsME PC. You can’t imagine the problems. If it wasn’t configured just right, it wouldn’t work. I then moved up to a pinnacle dv200 card that came bundled with Adobe Premiere. It was here that things started to get a little interesting but I still needed to capture my dv clips using another software and then import them into Premiere for a trouble free edit. Premiere then moved up to 6, and then 6.5, and then changed all together when it moved to Premiere Pro. I liked 6.5 – everything worked well and I could edit and output very well. However, in moving to Premiere Pro, all my troubles returned for one reason and another.

It was at this time that I was introduced to Edius. I think it was at Version 3. The main thing that struck me was its stability. I didn’t need to muck around with settings or have a super duper PC. It worked, and worked well. For this reason, I chose this for my work in producing demonstrative video.

For over 5 years – Edius and Grass Valley products have not let me down. When I need something done, and ready for deadlines, I  can rely on the software to help me achieve the desired result.

So, where are we at now…..

Edius 5 had been used for 3 years with the NX card. (This supports Analouge in/out and Component Monitoring out on a HD TV). I have had to wait six months for the drivers to be perfected so although ver.6 came out at the end of last year, I have only upgraded in the past week. At the same time I have upped my PC to Win7 64bit and pushed the RAM to 8Gb. All worked well and the NX captured and output perfectly.

I also use another card alongside the NX, the Grass Valley Pegasus. This is another capture card but this has the added benefits of being able to capture from Digital signals such as HDMI, DVI and RGB. I have a PC with two DVI’s where the screens are cloned. 1 to the Monitor and the other to this card. I can record my screen output in its native resolution, 1024x 768 at 60FPS directly into my Edit PC.


Right then, where was I…..

My first impressions of 6 are great, to be honest it is even more suited to my kind of work than 5! A lot of the tools, effects and output methods have been perfected and after quickly learning my way around whilst on a live job, I found myself being pretty impressed by the bundle.

I won’t go into the multitude of reasons of why Edius is such a good package for reviewing, marking, investigating and presenting evidential video but its worth taking the time to have a look at these links.




So, do you want, quick and easy capture, edit and output…?

Do you want the ability to output your video to many different formats?

Do you want DVD creation from the timeline?

Do you want realtime effects, titling and motion?

For all the day to day work of producing understandable video for our audience, then Edius really does answer 99% of tasks. And for the price, it really is hard to beat.

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