Spanish Highs Patagonia 2011

Its been a while since I have posted anything but after spending the past 10 mins going through the Spanish Highs Photographs from their Patagonia expedition, I had to place some links here…

We met Richard and Kiersten whilst in Spain during our trip to the Sierra Nevada in early 2011. Although it was our intention to go back out there, it doesn’t seem possible at the moment but the continued adventures of the Spanish Highs team continues to give me daily aspirations.

Over the past few weeks I have followed them (now digitally possible in realtime from the comfort of my chair) whilst in Patagonia. The Yellowbrick GPS tracker that they had with them enabled me to view roughly where they were and also provided some hilarilty as it appeared to go around in circles….I was imaging them walking around in a whiteout or having an argument on which way to go!

YellowBrick Tracking

Their Route as tracked by the YellowBrick!

Anyway, the photos have to be seen – what a place! Bloody Fantastic and yet another location to add to my list. I really need to win the lottery.

You can see some of their snaps on the Spanish Highs Facebook page – they really do show what a wonderful place this is.

Update: You can now see the yellowbrick in action..


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