New Virtualdub Pack

I have been meaning get my Virtualdub Pack updated for a while now and finally I have found a few hours to put this new one together. After doing some research, not only has Virtualdub received an update but also a fair few filters and plugins.


The install location has changed to the Root of C, rather than Program Files. This makes it easier for any future updates.

As usual, if you find anything not working or recommend a filter or plugin not included then let me know.

You can get the new Pack from HERE.

And here are some links that you may find useful.

I hope this helps a little in our constant battle with the formats.

As a test I loaded up a 45min xvid using the ffmpeg input driver. Applied a filter and then exported using ffdshow into a WMV.

All worked as it should and took just over 3mins using an i5 2500K on W7 64bit.

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