Playback of Bosch Dibos files

Just getting something to play sounds easy, but in our messed up world of Digital CCTV – it never is!

Bosch DiBos DVR’s make it reasonably easy to export data but for some reason, playing it back can be difficult….until you know what shortcut to use!


By Spreadys Posted in EEPIP

2 comments on “Playback of Bosch Dibos files

  1. When I load up the .info file, I see the name of it on the left, but nothing underneath like you showed. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

  2. The most common reason is that your shortcut is wrong. If you go to 1:14 in the video, this is probably something like what you are seeing. Follow the instructions and create a shortcut with the ‘viewer’ switch. This should then tell video.exe to go into view only mode and then you will see all the cameras. How to create the shortcut is detailed further along in the video.
    There may also be more reasons why they won’t appear but the shortcut issue is the most common.

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