Windows 8 Consumer Preview


I have been playing with the Developer Preview of Windows 8 for a few months now but this week has seen the arrival of the Consumer Preview.

Windows 8 running in VMware Player

Following on from my post on using virtualisation, the link below will guide you through setting up a virtualbox for the new Windows so you can get used to things and see what will and won’t work.

Getting it to install in VMware Player meant setting up the Virtual PC first and then directing the disk drive to use the downloaded Windows iso file to boot the virtual PC.

All has gone well and I have been busy navigating around the new interface. (Its a big change!) I am still trying to find certain things but remember, if you do have it connected to the internet – make sure you get some AntiVirus before doing anything else.

Larry over at Media-Geek is reporting that Virtualdub, FFmpeg and a few other regular tools are working well. He also directed me to this helpful guide to finding your way around:

Considering that a lot of players for proprietary video won’t work in Win7, I think that most department’s doing video work are going to need desktops and VM’s running XP, Win7 and now 8!

Update 04/03/12

I have been playing around and generally getting lost inside Windows 8 for a few days now and my initial thoughts are that once learnt, this will be a good OS for homes but if I cant turn off the metro interface at work it may be a pain in the !!!

The explorer ribbon with extra functionality

The Explorer Ribbon with extra functionality

I have also installed Siraview 2 now and this seems all ok. In the coming weeks I will throw a few formats into it and post a new blog with my findings.

Siraview in the Start page


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