Updated Software Pack

Its been a while!

I have recently updated my software pack. There was a number of reasons but mainly I had noticed that a number of my regular software sources had all received updates over the past 6 months. I am also about to wipe my main PC after a codec conflict completely screwed it up. As a result I wanted to throw a handful of programs into one installation.

Software Launcher

The new Software Pack contains:




FFMPEG 32 and 64 bit









USB Blocker


VirtualDub – included with all latest filters and input drivers.

After these get installed into a root path, the FFdshow tryout pack is installed followed by the Haali Media Splitter

A shortcut to the program launcher is finally placed on your desktop.

An Uninstall function is included.

The ‘Help’ text files give some information on the software and usually the software web address for you to visit.

It has certainly made my life a little easier and my desktop a bit more tidier!

You can download the pack from my shared files found within my BOX Cloud storage – Link found within the widgets on the right.

UPDATE: I have discovered a couple of minor bugs in the packaged up version of WinFF and also the FFdshow tryouts that gets installed after the launcher.

I have figured out the WinFF issue and am working on FFdshow.
I will update again when fixed!

FFdshow tryouts has been changed to an older version. The new one does not include all library codecs so does not support mpeg2 encoding through virtualdub. By going back to the older version, mpeg2 encoding has returned.
WinFF has an error on encoding. It seems that a cmd.exe is created upon first install and this is fine in some circumstances. If the error persists, you just have to delete the file.
Full details are in the help file.
X264vfw is now included for optional installation.

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