Smart Deblur

This was an interesting find…

Smart Deblur is a small program designed to remove various degrees of distortion from images. It works by applying algorithms to the image in order to correct the defect.

Restoring an image

I have run a few tests today on real world examples and it does seem very quick and easy to use…..but you have to have the right sort of image to get anything back. The example above has been taken from the developers website to give you an idea of what it is capable of.

The interface is very clean and quick but be careful on the image size, anything too big will get downscaled…although that shouldn’t be an issue with surveillance footage!

Smart Deblur interface

I tested it with high resolution DSLR images that were taken out of focus, still images taken from  a PTZ camera footage during a pan and an image from a static camera which was out of focus.

Although I had varying degrees of success, I identified that the larger the image, the better chance of getting something back. With a 352×288 image, if the item needing clarification is small then you may not have enough pixels for the restoration to work. If the image is washed out, it was better to tweak the levels in Photoshop prior to using Smart Deblur, in order to increase the definition between colours. If the camera is out of focus and moving (PTZ Cam) then it would be very difficult…if not impossible!

Its something new for the toolbox anyway. What I have also found interesting is some of the referenced documents on image restoration and deconvolution.

You can view the downloads section of the site here (26,925 downloads at time of entry):


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