Video DVD, Cuts and Re-Edits

A regular request is to cut and re edit Video DVD footage. What you may originally believe to be a pretty simple matter is always complicated by the many different ways that a Video DVD can be created. Stand-alone DVD Recorders seem to complicate matters by encoding video in an often non standard format.

For dealing with these I use a number of tools but due to the variety of problems can’t nail down one particular method of quick and easy ripping, cutting re-editing and burning.

The list is here to give you some assistance….


A huge plus point for the Grass Valley NLE is the ability to scan a Video DVD disk directly from the project interface and then import titles from an unprotected Video DVD straight into the bin.

There are times though, due to the type of Video DVD being used, that edius will not transfer the file correctly. It is these times that a few bits of other software are required.

DVD Decrypter


These two deal with getting the video from the disk and onto your HDD. Its not just as simple as dragging and dropping files and Video DVD’s store important information away from the video itself so a more technical approach is required. Its commonly referred to as ‘ripping’. Although old programs they still do both work very well but if one doesn’t, the other one should! Both programs allow to join all the chapters into one file.

There are times when you need to join titles and not just chapters.


This is a great little utility for quickly joining the files with no reencoding….its easier than using ffmpeg to concatenate!

One of the biggest issues I find once all this has been done…and it doesn’t take long, is that the resulting vob file does not have a correct time index. I find that by running it through ffmpeg and placing it into an mpg container assists in compatibility for your next steps.

I use the following command (we are in PAL land here!):

ffmpeg -i input.vob -r 25 -vcodec copy out.mpg

It takes less than a minute to reindex a two hour mpeg2 file ripped from a Video DVD. The resulting mpg file has a full index and will drop into any software you want to use then.

Virtualdub is great for free but does re-encode your cuts.

A piece of software that will do a lot, is VideoReDo V4.

Although this is not open source or freeware, the time saving benefits are pretty plain to see i order to justify the expense.

Hope a few of them help, the list of software and tricks is pretty extensive but these should give you some quick assistance if you need to do some cutting or re-editing quickly.

Feb2012 Update:

Another one that I have been using a fair bit lately is MPEG Streamclip. This is a very handy and quick tool to clip a part from an mpeg file and automatically have it cut at the nearest I frame. You can then save out that part retaining its original file attributes and GOP structure.


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