Many of you will know that I find working and processing video within Virtualdub is sometimes quicker, easier and more effective than using the expensive NLE!

A filter that I intend to add into my filter pack is Deshaker 3.0

I don’t use image stabilisation very often as it can effect the small details that are required to be retained within the footage. However there are circumstances when having that footage steadied can assist the viewer.

The built in functions within my NLE of choice, Edius have served me very well and have recently been improved further within the new version 6.5

Take a look at some of the videos and reviews thrown up by Google

Anyway….I have been trying the filter for Virtualdub today and been very pleased with the result.

The footage I used was from a traffic monitoring camera, positioned high up on a windy day! As a result the camera has visible shake at various points.

The footage was pre-processed from its native mpeg2 based proprietary format within Virtualdub and into an uncompressed avi.

I have then followed the instructions given by the Filter author here

It works slightly differently from most filters as you need to pre-process the file before a final output is created. It is very fast though.

The results were very satisfactory and after cropping the resulting black bars from the side, the final video was much improved.

I found that a little tweaking of the video prior to stabilisation helped on second attempt. I used the levels and sharpening filters first to get the best quality.

Example Videos and Review

Hope you find it helpful….



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