IV50 Codec


An AVI wrapped video file with the naming convention of Event20121114131211001.

I recognised this immediately as being the naming style used by the Geovision DVR cards. What was strange though, upon placing the file into Mediainfo, was that it was presenting a 4CC Code of IV50.

In Gspot, the 4CC was not being read at all. It was presenting “strl” which forms part of the AVI header but not the 4CC part! By viewing the avi header in HXD, I confirmed that it was indeed the IV50 codec that I required.

Most Geovision 4CC’s are immediately recognisable and include GEOX and G264.

Those codecs are pretty commonplace and can be found on resellers sites such as http://www.ezcctv.com/software-download.htm#gv-codec

Now, here comes the strange bit…

I thought I had installed the Indeo Codec correctly, named IndeoXP, correctly and I could see the dll in my System32 folder but still it would not display!

Full details of the codec itself can be seen here http://www.moviecodec.com/solutions/iv31-iv32-iv41-iv50-indeo-3-4-and-5-8211/

There are lots of methods in getting this codec to actually do what its supposed to do in Vista and windows 7 32/64 bit at the page above but I found that this method worked for me…

Run cmd.exe as administrator

type: regsvr32 ir50_32.dll

Thats it!

Basically, that registers the existence of the dll file into the windows registry and as such, Windows can deal with it.

From looking at the video file visually rather than by just the data, it does look as if it started out as a Geovision type but has then be transcoded into the Indeo Codec.

Not ideal but it’ll do for now!!!!

Hope some of the info helps…..

By Spreadys Posted in EEPIP

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