SSF Files with BKPlayer.exe – Part 2

The continuing saga of .SSF files…..

You may have stumbled upon my original post on SSF Files and the associated BKPlayer.exe and thought, “well, that’s not the player i’m looking at!”

Could it be that you are looking at something like this…

BKPlayer.exe - The Single Camera version (with added overlay!)

BKPlayer.exe – The Single Camera version (with added overlay!)

The version details are seen in the programs properties…

SingleBKplayer-propertiesThere are a number of problems with this player.

1. The image is very distorted due to it being stretched and its aspect ratio being changed (see my overlay on the image above).

2. The controls are temperamental and no ability to reverse frame.

3. Can only review one camera at a time. Difficult when viewing a premises with many cameras.

Luckily the SSF’s are pretty easy to deal with we can manage these by doing my usual Rewrap in FFmpeg. This was detailed in the original post.

I have started to use AnotherGUI alot more for batch ffmpeg work and will be completing a post specifically on using this tool in the near future. AnotherGUI was used in this case to rewrap all the video files so they could be easily, and quickly reviewed.

However, it was still difficult to watch them all at the same time. (OK, there are solutions to stack them all in an NLE and lay them all up but that would have taken a bit of time).

The trick is to use the Multi-Camera SSF Player as detailed in the first post.

The disk layout and folder naming convention is slightly different between the two.

Single camera BKPlayer.exe

Single camera BKPlayer.exe

The image on the left is the disk contents of the Single Camera player as detailed within this post.

The disk contents of the Multi-Camera player can be seen within my original post.

Create a folder called multicam and inside this create a folder called DATA.

Copy the contents of your DVR1 folder into the new DATA folder.

You then copy the multi-camera BKPlayer.exe and associated files from your player archive and place these into the multicam folder, so they sit within the same folder as DATA.

When you now use the multicam BKPlayer, you can navigate to the connected DATA folder and all SSF Files will play in their associated window.

One of the benefits is that it is much easier to spot the variable frame rates and the issues with poor Video Motion Detection.

Individual SSF's now playing in the Multicamera BKPlayer.exe

Individual SSF’s now playing in the Multicamera BKPlayer.exe

Both players and associated folders are inside the (available in the Box Shared Files)

Part 3 – The story continues!


13 comments on “SSF Files with BKPlayer.exe – Part 2

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  4. I’ve got a new set of .ssf files that have their own unique set of issues. Let me know if you’re interested in continuing the saga.

    • All the players have been wrapped up into a zip file that is available from my shared box. The Link to this is in a widget down the right side. Let me know if you can’t find it or if you can’t access it.

      • Got the player. Thank you very much. Now trying to figure out how to get the .ssf files from the original disc to associate with the Multiplayer. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

      • Figured it out thanks to the screenshots in your earlier posts. Was able to mimic the filepath. Thank you for your assistance. This forum has been quite helpful.

  5. Hey! Thanks for your detailed post 🙂 I’m currently working on converting ssf to avi or mp4, but I guess the problem is not resolution but bit rate. The blackbox video itself has 1920×1080 resolution but the output after I convert them into usual video formats actually had 500kbps bitrate or lower. Do you have any idea I can boost the rate up while I converting them? Iiterally I couldn’t find shit about bitrate with ssf file in my country’s community. It would be a big help if u give me some hand. Thanks again!

  6. Is there anyway I can get that BKPlayer re-zipped and re-shared… Pulling at straws here at work trying to view these SFF files.

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