Vdub Filter – Add Timecode / Frame No

A handy filter for the Vdub toolbox.

The Filter Configuration Window

The Filter Configuration Window

There are a multitude of circumstances where placing some sort of frame identification or timecode over the top of a piece of video will assist you, or any other person that needs to view it. A quick and easy method is using the Add Frame Number filter in Virtualdub.

The Config window above is set to place a small frame count in the bottom right corner. As you can see though, you could add a number of other things, not just the frame count.

add filter

Once added and configured, the frame count overlay is seen in the output window.


An example of its use is when decimating the original video by the pattern of key frames and exporting as image sequence. As the frame number is overlayed, each keyframe’s original frame number is seen in the image.

I will be adding this to the Virtualdub included in my Software Pack on the next update…. along with AVCONV, a different way of accessing the cmd.exe for ffmpeg and AVCONV, Another GUI and FAVC.

Get the Filter and others from http://www.hlinke.de/tinc?key=U4rlLOrY&formname=VirtualDub_Filter

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7 comments on “Vdub Filter – Add Timecode / Frame No

    • Thanks John for the info… I will edit the page accordingly.

      I have not needed many of the Vdub filters for a while as most tasks can be completed easier in Amped FIVE so I have not had to go hunting down the filter lists!

      • To be honest, I have no idea… It’s been a while since I used it. I know the slider size function is pretty limited and I can imagine on 1920×1080 footage its a bit difficult. You may need to resort to a NLE or Amped FIVE if its for Forensic use.

    • What is the add in written in, it still works but with the advent of 4k video the size of the text inserted is way, way too small. Is there any way I could update this?

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