Busiest Day!

No, not in the office (that’s always mad), but on on Spreadys.com

Its great to see the site becoming useful. It means a lot to me to see and hear that people are researching stuff and then finding that my little bits of information may actually help! Its interesting to see the search terms used and it really goes to highlight that people are having difficulty in just getting a video to play! It’s such a ridiculous situation and after 10 years of the digital revolution, its only going to start getting worse. Take a look at MXpeg recording just for a start off!!

Remember that I posted a while back on getting a video to play. This is a few months old now but I will give it a ‘tune up’ soon! Its worth a look if you are fairly new to the CCTV world and can’t get something going. Also, remember my Useful Links Page – Full of good stuff.

Anyway, remember that if you do stumble across here and find it useful, please let me know – it gives me the inspiration to continue.




By Spreadys Posted in EEPIP

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