App Reviews – Clock Check and iCrimeFighter

These two iOS apps fit nicely together so I thought that joining the reviews would help more. (If you are an Android user and know of similar apps then please let me know or, if you have done a review, send me the link and I will include it here).

The first one, Clock Check, is “an application designed to aid CCTV engineers and Law Enforcement personnel when calculating the time discrepancies on CCTV systems.” Firstly, it does what it says it does, and with no fuss. It also has a few little extras that make it a little more than a basic time calculator.


It has the ability to sync with your devices time. This is great if you have your iDevice set to sync time automatically. The problem though is that the time shown within the app doesn’t move. Its static. I think a great update would enable you to see the realtime moving along and then after setting the system time hit the save button. The times would then be saved.

As it is now, having the ability to sync to realtime is good but you still need to change this slightly.

Time checks can be saved with a user generated title and the app also saves a number of recent checks.


The other good function is the ability to enter in the time of an event and then for the app to show you what time that would be on a DVR.


The app definitely helps the mathematically challenged like me! Its a good start but needs a few refinements to be a great tool in the box. The first one, as stated earlier would be the ability have your system clock shown within the app so you would not have to change the real time at all.

The second would be the ability to export the saved checks, perhaps to a dropbox or email address as a pdf. These would then be added into your case records.

So, it it worth £1.49? Well that’s up to you. On its own you may not think so but if you included it with another app then your opinion may change.

This next app, iCrimeFighter, is an “investigative/evidence gathering application! Use your iOS device to collect all the information you need at the crime scene or event. With iCrime Fighter you can capture photographs, record videos, record interviews, and write field notes.”

This is a free app so offsets the money spent on Clock Check. You can add job details and then see these on a map.

Starting Interface

Starting Interface

IMG_0593Once the ‘job’ is entered into the database, you have the ability to add items to it.

IMG_0594This is where you could add screenshots from Clock Check, photographs of the Camera locations and camera views, notes on the scene etc. You can then email them all to yourself as one job.

Both apps together make a good package for Digital Multimedia Evidence Retrieval.

Lastly, and just to close this up, you may need to log other reference number’s or even design your own purpose built database. Take a look at Bento for Ipad. Although this is currently at £6.99, if you need something to keep track and link various reference numbers specific to your role then this is a very good tool to use.


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