AVLinux or UbuntuStudio

I have spent a few hours testing Linux distro’s to be used as a standalone AV cruncher!

I have been a Linux Mint convert for a while now after moving away from Ubuntu but needed to make a decision on what to use as a standalone machine. I have Mint within a Virtual PC so thought I would try something different.

I have narrowed it down to either

UbuntuStudio, which I have used in the past, or

AVLinux, which is a new one on me!

I quite liked the cleanliness of the AVLinux desktop and interface but have gone with what I am comfortable with. So, UbuntuStudio has won the tight race! To be honest, it all came down to what I new in setting it up as I didnt want to other learning another distro.

The most interesting thing to come out of all this though has been testing OpenShot, an open source Video NLE.

OpenShot Main Window

There is going to be a Windows version of this within the next 12 months and I believe it could be a really handy tool for the toolbox. From looking at some of the previews on the website, the new versions do look really good.




One comment on “AVLinux or UbuntuStudio

  1. Hello! I also moved to Linux Mint when I decided to leave Ubuntu, and later to Mint Debian (LMDE). But this year I decided to look for a distro aimed for audio production pourposes… and I’ve also prefered AVlinux 🙂 I keep them both installed. Tango Studio Debian Way also looks very promising… best regards!

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