IMM5 and IMM6 Codec

Following on from dealing with IMM4 based files, we now have IMM5 and also IMM6.

The player comes with the same name and Icon as that found in the network client install for the IMM4 based files but does have a different version number.


The disk file structure is similar to that of the IMM4, with a player that doesn’t need the codec installing, the video files and a VFW Codec installation. Installing the codec into a test Virtual PC, reveals a number of things….


It states IMM4, gives a version number of, and by monitoring the install, also places an IMM6 Codec into the machine!

After running a few tests, it works in exactly the same way as described in the IMM4 entry.

I have changed the IMM Pack to include the new player, the new codec install and the IMM5 and IMM6 DLL Files.

IMM Pack

IMM Pack

It’s in my shared Box down the right side of the page.

It is possible to deal with the video in exactly the same way as the IMM4 files.

I have packaged up a portable version of SMplayer that includes the relevent .dll files and has a preconfigured Codecs.conf file.

If you have audio within your file or purely require a Video DVD basic copy then this may assist: IMM Update

Hope it helps…..

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32 comments on “IMM5 and IMM6 Codec

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    • I just had one of these that would’nt play. It claimed it needed a IMM5 codec. I could’nt download the player on the right. In desperation I renamed the files from .avi to .mpg and they worked perfectly.

      • Ah – you have found one of the new ones.
        Yes – the streams are standard but you ‘may’ not get all data such as date and time as that will be displayed using the proprietary parts in the codec.
        We are currently testing some decoding functions of the new format at Amped Software, so if you have any test video files that can be shared to ensure full compatibility, please consider sharing one with

  2. Every time I try to download files it tells me the file downloaded but then the folder is empty or not there at all

  3. Just tested a download using the BOX shared files on the right. Downloaded the IMM4-5-6 Zip to desktop and then extracted – all fine. Perhaps try a different browser. Hope you can get it working.

  4. Thanks a million man! You are really awesome!
    It is always good when you come across someone who knows what they are doing!

  5. Muito Obrigado, consegui rodar o vídeo graças a você agora só falta conseguir converter.
    Grande abraço

    “Thank you, I could run the video thanks to you now just need to be able to convert.
    big hug”

  6. You Sir are a genius!
    After spending some hard time finding something that will play IMM5 finally found your website and the package needed.

  7. im trying to watch a avi on my laptop I have been trying forhours it says code imm5 not supported. please can you provide me a link to play it asap. thank you

  8. I’ve tried installing the IMM5CodecInstall but it only installed the IMM4 for all 3 files. Are you able to reupload the IMM5 codec install please.

  9. I know this is a very old post, but have you heard of issues with this codec’s compatibility with Intel 12th gen chipset GPU drivers?

    • It’s unfortunate that we still have to deal with this awful format.
      I have not heard or seen anything relating to CPU or GPU …. but that wouldn’t surprise me.
      The common issues are incorrect player / file configuration.
      Operating System incompatibility with the codec / player.
      Codec / Dshow player conflicts.

      Remember that the player and the codec have manufacturer influence. The decoding therefore has deblocking and contrast adjustment.
      It is better to extract the raw RGB data that is held within the video stream and use that.
      That process is also documented on the blog here or automatically in Amped FIVE.

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