Google Image Search

A possible solution to finding more information.

It’s the usual problem. You have a CCTV player with no information, limited functionality and limited options. After doing all of the usual searches, you are drawing a blank.

Over the past few weeks I have had a few little breakthroughs by using the logo of the player icon and then searching this graphic on Google Images.


The first thing is to grab the icon logo. I found a quick way within Win7 is to display the files as extra large icons and then save a screengrab of just the icon by the Snipping Tool. For the example here however I just grabbed the Intellex icon off my desktop.

Next, go to Google’s home page and select Images.

google imagesThe handy thing here is that it supports drag and drop so you can just drag your logo to search into the search bar.

google resultsIt’s not going to work every time and for some of the really bizarre players you may find that they are just using a stock logo….but its always worth a shot!

By Spreadys Posted in EEPIP

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