INMC Codec – Update

Codec located! Thanks to a reader of…..

As mentioned in the original post, I had not been able to find a stand alone codec to play this video. This was not surprising really as I now know it was hidden away inside a Codec Pack named VideoSphere_Codecs2010.exe. VideoSphere is a product range from March Networks and it would appear that Insignis were the original company behind this codec. They have then been swallowed up inside March! It gets even more confusing when, during my research, Cieffe are also caught up in there somewhere! No wonder this business gets so frustrating!!

The Codec pack (installed under a Virtual instance so not to screw up a clean machine), places a fair few .dlls into your Windows \ System32 Folder.


With those installed, its time to see what 4CC’s they refer to.


There it is…the INMC Codec, along with a few others.

I have now placed this .dll into my SMplayer Pack and configured the codecs.conf accordingly. It’s available from my Shared BOX. I have also placed the Codec pack AND all the individual .dll files in a shared Zip file as well ( This should allow you to configure your own pack if you want to, using any of the other dll’s. The INMC decoding within SMplayer was tested successfully but I have not attempted the others due to not having any test files encoded with the particular codec.

Remember also that now that Mplayer can see it, you can deal with it through Mencoder. This post may help you.

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2 comments on “INMC Codec – Update

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  2. roadbump!

    a user gave me an inmc sample, it was playable with mplayer -vc +ffh264 , but the codec you found is only for the mpeg4 asp (xvid) version of inmc, i think.

    it gave errors during attempted playback:
    Error decompressing frame, err=-1

    really annoying that it uses the same INMC fourcc while using both mpeg4 and h264 codecs.

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