The Missing Page

There is a page missing on many CCTV Manufacturer’s web sites.

There are some great new websites springing up. Full of snazzy html 5 animations and social media connectivity. The ability to store and manage information is one of the webs greatest benefits but this is being overlooked by many who appear to not see past the number of Facebook ‘likes’.

Over the past few weeks I have had to visit a number of CCTV manufacturers websites in the hunt for manuals, software and technical specs. Most have left me frustrated. I shouldn’t have to locate an old manual on a Russian installers website and have it translated!

Companies can promote the fact that they retain and list all DVR’s, manuals and software, regardless of it being discontinued. There are only one or two that actually have a link on their home page called something like ‘LAW ENFORCEMENT’. By visiting this page gives full access to anything an investigator may require.

The difference to a site can be huge and it sometimes doesn’t take a lot of work.


Well done to Lilin. Their new site is great looking and it’s now much easier to navigate and grab the information that I need quickly.

So, if you work within the DVR industry, what’s your site like? Step back for a moment and imagine you need the specifications, a manual and the software to play a file from a DVR you last manufactured 5 years ago. Can you find those details quickly and easily?

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