MatriVideo – Part 3!

The saga of Instek IVF Files continues!

I have been made aware of another different format IVF File from Instek. It plays in the same player and exports in the same manner. However…. this one is a highly modified MPEG that is different to both formats described in the previous posts. Part 1, Part 2.

When playing within the player, there is some quite severe artefacting and from going through frame by frame, it has a fairly high GOP with a large amount of images between the I frames. There are also signs of macroblock distortion seen on standard shaped objects.  Linked with the issue of this being analogue recorded and then digitized, there is some pretty bad interlacing. When producing an image through the player software, it gets output at 704×576 but straight edges within the image have signs of blocking. Was it originally 352 x 288 and then the software has resized?

None of the usual analysis tools can detect a format. Visual analysis of the compression suggests mpeg and raw data reveals mpeg headers. By running a brute force analysis, the file revealed an mpeg stream with mixed header sizes frame resolutions of 352×288 and 176×144.

The end result is that this is a bit of a nightmare!! There are still no signs of updated software on the Instek site and no way to easily differentiate between all the different format types included in their IVF container.

A little bit of help is not too much to ask

A little bit of help is not too much to ask

This is a great example of how manufacturers can start to move forward within the overcrowded space of digital surveillance. Those that make the aspects of EEPIP a priority are the ones that will get one step ahead in the battle to get that next sale.

EEPIP – Evidential Export, Playback, Investigtion, Presentation

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