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I originally designed a few software packs to help and save time in installing various packages on new machines. Over time they have evolved to help manage open source and freeware software in order to speed up navigation through the tools.

Version 2 of my software pack has now been built for this exact purpose.

It is designed to be portable so will fit easily on a 1GB USB pen drive. Although 90% of the software is able to be run directly from the drive, a number of packages require system integration. For this purpose, each piece of required software has been included. Some will already be integrated within a modern Windows OS, but if you are using XP or Vista, you may require these to be installed. The only ones NOT included are the various .net frameworks. This decision was made to keep the packs file size down.gui_2.1

The software now included and updated:








FFmpeg (windows build)


FTK Imager




Make Instant Player






SMplayer (with set of CCTV Codecs installed)Capture2



*No Site*



Time Date Calculator


Jarte – Basic Report Writer

In order to utilise these fully, installers for the following software are included:






Visual Basic 6 Runtimes and ActiveX

X264 for Windows


As you can see, there is also a screenshot functionality built in using MWsnap. This speeds up the grabbing of screenshots of player interfaces or analysis results. If you are compiling a basic video / file / format report, the Report Writer also has a built in screenshot function.

Walkthrough Guide

When downloaded, the zip will uncompress to around 700mb. (If you have not got any compression software – Take a look at Jzip) You can then position this folder wherever you like. The .exe and folders must stay together. You may wish to place the folder within your drive and then create a shortcut to the exe on your desktop. It’s up to you.

When run, the GUI will launch and MWsnap will open in your system tray. You are then able to launch any of the utilities from the main window.

If a utility requires the installation of a software package such as Java, you can install it from the Installers window.

If you require a screenshot, clicking the “Grab Screenshot” button will open a crosshairs icon for you to select the area required. Click again to grab the selection. A folder will be created in the root of the drive you are using. If you are running from a USB device, perhaps mapped as E, then the folder will be here. You can navigate quickly to this folder by selecting the “Screenshots Folder” button.

Quick Report Writer with inbuilt screenshot and export to PDF Function

Quick Report Writer with inbuilt screenshot and export to PDF Function

Points to note:

AnotherGUI – Upon first run, the software will require the location of FFmpeg. I have not been able to pre-map this. The ffmpeg.exe is located in the Bin folder of FFmpeg, inside the Programs folder.

If you wish to utilise the burn direct to disk function of AVStoDVD, then ImgBurn is available from the Installers Window. Check your installation routine carefully as the installer has options to alter browser settings. You may not want this to happen!

Due to the regular updating of Java, you may find that a newer version is available, but if you do not have internet access, the one included will suffice.

I have been using this a few weeks now and it has helped in tidying my desktop and provides quick and easy access to a large set of regular tools.

Finally, when the software pack is closed, MWsnap will also exit.

I hope it helps.

5th Jan 2014 – I keep hitting my Bandwidth limit on dropbox so am currently investigating other options. Apologies if you have tried to download. Should be up and running again in a few days!

Now available from my Mega File store

Video Preview

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7 comments on “Software Pack V.2

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    • My apologies, the link has been down for some considerable time as I was struggle to find a suitable home for the download.
      I am in the process of upgrading the pack and will find some hosting at the same time.
      All of the software is available to download separately if you require a specific set of tools, but if you can hang on a little while longer, I should have the pack ready by mid January.


    • Its now available from my Mega File store – The download wont work under Internet Explorer as it needs full HTML5.

      This is a fairly old pack now, although I still use it everyday! I must get around to updating it… (need more hours in the day!!)

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