Time Converter-Beta

A regular task made easier.

Finding the time difference between a set time and a DVR time. Finding the duration of video files. Finding how many frames should exist. These are all tasks that required a number of tools or sites to quickly find the answer. This piece of software – currently in Beta (and as such comes with no Help), aims to solve all of those tasks within a single program.

The developers email is within the ‘about’, so if you stumble across an issue, feel free to drop him a line explaining what the bug is. Once a bit of testing has been completed, I will put this into my Software pack.

Snap 2013-11-04-14_26_03 Snap 2013-11-04-14_26_23 Snap 2013-11-04-14_25_47 Snap 2013-11-04-14_25_28 Snap 2013-11-04-14_25_12

Until it is placed within my Software Pack, you can find it in my shared BOX, over on the right. Feel free to comment below if you find it useful.

You will need .Net framework 4 installed.

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