Dedicated Micros PAR files

Following on from a previous article, dealing with PAR files is now much easier.

The ability to obtain any software, including Beta, for new and legacy products is an absolute must for persons dealing with overt surveillance footage. Dedicated Micros have always been very good at keeping all their software searchable with their current list available at

A recent visit to the site revealed a new NetVu Observer. The new versions now include java and as such should be able to be virtualized very easy to avoid installation nightmares.


Whilst going through the list, I came across this.

PAR copier

It turns out that this is not just a Par copier, but a full carver and re-wrapper…. maintaining the original data type and structure.

par copy

It details the original recorded data, you can select your stream of choice and then have a number of output options. If you select a number of Channels, these are muxed into the same file. You can then demux at a later time using the -map option in ffmpeg.

I really hope that more companies start to develop software like this for their recording formats. This is a great little tool that would also appear to be virtualizable using Cameyo.

Lastly, its worth highlighting a playback issue within Observer…

DM NetvuObserver Options

Under Options, there is a tickbox for “Always Maintain Correct Aspect Ratio”. Its worth knowing that its there!

As always, I hope the information helps and if you want to dig a little deeper, analysing the specific time-code for each image, take a look at this entry, in particular the details at the bottom.

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