Christmas present for DVR Manufacturers

Happy Christmas from

You know when you insert a portable storage device into a Windows PC, an autoplay dialogue box appears.


When using Mac or Linux, its possible to create a script to perform further functions every time a specific device is inserted.

The same happens when you insert a blank CD or DVD.

This is what happens when you insert a disk or a USB Data Device into nearly all of the thousands of DVR’s out there…


Nothing…. It’s up to you to navigate through the menu and perform the Export procedure, only then to be told that the device is not compatible and not found!

Wouldn’t it be nice if as soon as an Export device was inserted, a dialogue box appeared….


I will know immediately how much I can fit onto the device, how much is on the DVR, and I am led through the evidential export process. Painless!!

If you know of any DVR’s that have this functionality then please let me know. More importantly, if you are a DVR manufacturer, and you want to implement something like this, remember that this is the just the start.

Happy Christmas!

By Spreadys Posted in EEPIP

2 comments on “Christmas present for DVR Manufacturers

  1. That assumes the same bitrate for all cameras and all time periods, which is typically not the case because of variances in resolution, frame rate, motion detection, VBR streaming, etc.

    • Hi John,
      it was not intended to be a final dialogue box…merely to give them something to work with! Having an easy to follow Export procedure that is quick, partnered with a device that actually exports something of an evidential standard, will move the industry forwards and hopefully avoid issues in the future.
      Happy Christmas

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