CCTV Manufacturer Twitter Links

Could be useful!

The guys over at ZEECURE have put together a pretty comprehensive list of the top 50 Video Surveillance companies based upon their tweeting activity. From experience, trying to get information from a lot of these companies is like getting blood from a stone but if you tweeted your question, would you get a better response?

You can see the list here:

Or perhaps commenting on their tweets to jog their memories that their software could do with being a little bit more helpful!

Screenshot from 2014-02-21 10:36:30

I hate to repeat myself but the company, or companies, that truly crack the camera to court solution will reap the rewards in the marketplace.

This years IFSEC should be interesting as I intend to do a little more than walking aimlessly through the myriad of displays, interspersed with banging my head against the nearest wall. See here for details:

All of this comes on the back of my article after IFSEC 2013





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