A bit quiet!

If you thought things were a bit quiet around here…. there is a reason!

I have been working with a number of Forensic Video software and presentation developers in how to improve their products. These really have a great opportunity to change how data is examined and presented.

On a connected note, my work with some of the proprietary codecs has been taken on board by the developers of Mplayer and GOMplayer. Some of these codecs will now be built in as standard…. which is good news for all.

Although I have a number of new and weird formats to write up, I have had to make the tough decision to prioritise my future. As a lot of people will know (Previous Post), I have been forced to reconsider my direction and as such, I need a bit of time to find my feet.

When this roller-coaster of a journey that i’m currently on starts to slow down, I will post back and hopefully I can get things written up! So, with all that said, wish me luck.


All the best,



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