Validate and Update your software

The importance of validating any software results….

Whilst tidying up a lot of loose ends, I thought it important to post this information. Over the past few months I have been validating and checking many video transcoding and reporting tools. This ensures that the information they are reporting is correct, and I have done everything possible to avoid misinformation and any subsequent misinterpretation. I knew that I was going to find an example at some point, of when the software tells me one thing, but its wrong!

Whilst examining a h264 video stream inside a modified container, I ran an FFprobe frame command to output an xml table detailing the information of every video packet. I used an FFmpeg version from October 2013.


If I had relied on this, my analysis and reporting would have included that two Coded Pictures were missing from the video. Luckily – something told me to check and validate this information.

I ran the same command but this time used the latest FFmpeg from Zeranoe’s Builds. I used Version  N-61476-g847d8af Mar 15 2014



As a result, when running the usual commands to place the stream into a standard container, and to extract all the images etc – I was not missing any!

So, if you are dealing with video that has a higher importance than just having it on YouTube, remember to Analyze, Validate and Update!



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