IFSEC 2014

The move to London for IFSEC definitely brought a different feel to the event, with a few new faces and the surprising disappearance of some old regulars.

It was a hectic day but great to catch up with colleagues in the Industry and learn more on the change from CCTV to Integrated VSS….. If you weren’t aware that’s the new acronym for Video Surveillance Systems. This was very evident with the visible change away from black box appliances (DVR’s) to Video Management Systems with Network Storage.

Rather than walk around aimlessly, I set myself a bit of a challenge this year. Visit a few Manufacturers and assess the capabilities of their systems for evidential use. To be honest I could have done with two days as it did take a bit longer than expected at each vendor.

It’s going to take me a little while to get everything together and review the exports. Some could not be completed due to the way the displays were built. That was shame. They were designed to show off the perfect live camera view rather than the footage being recorded.

Within the review will be exports from:

  • IDIS
Heading in to see IDIS, Samsung and Pelco

Heading in to see IDIS, Samsung and Pelco

Check back soon to see how they got on!

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3 comments on “IFSEC 2014

  1. In times past when I’ve been to IFSEC, I’ve loved seeing the look of fear on those guys faces when you ask them to perform an export procedure – or ask to try to do an export yourself. ‘You want to do what?!’

  2. From CCTV to VSS, I am not looking forward to when this becomes more the norm, another thing to get to grips with without any formal training.

    Officers are still having problems with the move from video tapes to DVD.

    One officer after viewind a DVD came to get stills saying he left the disk at the right place …. no hope

    • Believe me when I say that the development of formal UK training in Forensic Video Analysis has been at the forefront of my work for the last 5 years. Getting the support and buy in from the people who can actually do something though has been a failing uphill battle. But as you may have seen… I am used to climbing mountains and won’t be beaten! Thanks for commenting and following.

      All the best,

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