Integration is the key

This recent mailshot from iComply was rather interesting.

We’re delighted to announce two new technology partnerships with Wavestore and Mobotix. Integrating into other systems and technology is key for our customers, and it means seamless integration. For users in the control room this means  that we can create a multi-vendor environment through adherence with a common control platform.

So, what makes this interesting?

I mentioned Mobotix some time ago in a blog post surrounding Standard and Modified formats. The point here was that although they had developed a proprietary format, they had opened this up for decoding within other open source software….FFmpeg.

I have also mentioned Wavestore after my review of exports from IFSEC. I was pleasantly surprised to see it using FFmpeg in order to provide some of the best media handling I had seen in manufacturers software.

By ensuring that the video is understandable, playable and shareable within a controlled environment, all users will benefit. It also came swiftly after a good post on proprietary formats over on IPVM.

The post details the confusion surrounding terms such as standards, proprietary, interoperability and open-source. If the Industry finds it confusing, imagine what its like for end users and law enforcement?

The key here is integration, regardless of other terms and jargon.


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