The Samsung sell off – start preserving those user manuals!

The big news this week has to be the sell off of Samsung Techwin to the Hanwha group.

Reported across the security and surveillance press, a good overview can be found over on IPVM.

The concern for Digital Multimedia Investigators is that, in a few years time, are the Samsung Techwin user manuals still going to be archived and retrievable from online storage? Will we be able to find the details we need after the DVR has been sat, quietly recording, on a shelf somewhere for x amount of years?

The biggest challenge when dealing with products 5+ years old, is locating the correct technical information. Over the years, similar scenarios have played out with other companies, although not as big, and the result has been far from easy when locating parts or certain Specs. Samsung Techwin products have a very big footprint. As a result, I hope that the new owners preserve the legacy material and it doesn’t get discarded along with the logo.


By Spreadys Posted in EEPIP

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