IFSEC 2015

For the first time in many years I will miss out on the madness that is IFSEC!

Heading in to see IDIS, Samsung and Pelco

At IFSEC 2014

I have had to concentrate on a number of projects so a trip down to London, to trawl the DVR lined walkways, has had to be cancelled.

If you remember, last year I did a little acquisition test. It highlighted how standardised video streams were slowly creeping into the industry and this proved fantastic news for those tasked with analyzing and interpreting this data.

IFSEC 2014 Results

So, did you attend this year, and look at CCTV through an investigators eyes? If so, feel free to post any exciting developments here in the comments.

Any manufacturers announcing the quality of their evidence, rather than the quality of their cameras?

Any brands using their ability to export native video and meta-data, swiftly and accurately, as a unique selling point?

Any boxes displaying ‘H265’?

Or was it just the same old stuff, re-badged and thrown together with little regard for the purpose it was meant for?


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2 comments on “IFSEC 2015

  1. Pretty much, same old same old! over a punishing 3 days at the ExCel.
    H.265 was mentioned sparingly, with 4K cameras the main marketable distraction from most of the major issues which still beset the CCTV Industry.
    I did have a fairly useful conversation regarding the possibility of developing an industry standard Performance Mark for compliant video record systems, which is do-able if the will is there. I have a suspicion it is there, I’m just not entirely sure it’s that easy to find!
    At least I received some very positive feedback on the new TRUSTED CCTV Operational Standards. So much to do …..

    • Thanks for your input as always…
      I know i’m repeating myself, but I fail to understand why brands fail to identify the importance and value of evidential integrity. The first one to take it seriously will have themselves a USP that will not only improve business, but assist every person or agency that has to manage that video data.

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