Snapping a CCTV Monitor

Take a look at these…





It’s quite possible that these were taken by the reporter, and not any investigative authority. It’s quite possible that the true recorded data has been acquired correctly. The reason for posting is that I see more and more of this type of image in the media and, in every case, I wonder if that original data was actually recovered.

It’s very easy to ‘snap’ a CCTV monitor for quick media dissemination. In some cases, it can help as it may take a little time to recover the actual evidence correctly. That time may be crucial and the intelligence received may help in progressing an investigation or eliminating  persons seen.

Due to the myriad of methods and challenges faced in obtaining CCTV data, it is easy to understand how snapped or video recorded screens end up in the evidential chain but why was the original never recovered?


Identifying the artefacting caused in an image due to it being screen snapped, or other tell-tale signs, may help investigators ask the question – “where is the original?” If the original was never obtained, you may just have time to recover it – before it gets overwritten!

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3 comments on “Snapping a CCTV Monitor

  1. I’ve had an instance just like this where I was asked by the Defence to clarify and enhance some footage to try and identify some fine details, where the Police video recorded the playback of a CCTV recording because the DVR had no export capability (???). They then made it worse by moving the camera around and zooming in and out during the recording. No DVR or camera settings or details were noted. Unbelievable. Why they didn’t remove the drive and image it, I’ll never understand. Then they had the gall to submit it as evidence for prosecution and identification of the accused.

  2. Now then David… either you or the original journalist has had the decency to straighten up the image. Or they may even have used a tripod to film the monitor as opposed to holding a phone up to it, which is what happens in the real world huh!

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