Every Job Starts With Research

There is a popular saying amongst CCTV Acquisition specialists that every retrieval starts as a research project. The reason being, is that with the thousands of different types, it’s very easy to complete one each week but never revisit the same system.

It’s becoming more common though, that some form of research has to be done during the early stages of a processing or analysis request.

We all know the ‘usual suspects’; the forums and web-links specifically designed for DME and video. Over the past few months though, I have had to go elsewhere in order to identify possible reasons why a video file is displaying in such a way.

It may be that there are dropped frames, a new aspect ratio, or timing and synching errors. Identifying the cause of such issues can go a long way in explaining what is happening with the data and then assist in forming the correct processing workflow.

IPVM has many articles and tests on most of the weird and wonderful issues you may encounter.

The biggest help though, in my experience, has to be the discussions where installers and integrators are able to identify issues highlighted by others. These issues are the ones we regularly encounter. As such, they often detail exactly what could have caused the problem and may even offer advice on how to test the theory.

With the rise in IP systems, there are some great articles in understanding timing issues over networks that can cause synching or timing challenges.

The DME discussion forums have been pretty lively recently on 960H recording. IPVM has some good articles on this Wide SD format, and they go into some considerable detail.

Understanding the issues with frame rate and shutter speed

Understanding the issues with frame rate and shutter speed

The great news though is that Law Enforcement FVA Analysts and Technicians qualify for a 50% access discount. Making it $99 per year.

You will need to email john(at)ipvm.com and supply the following details to request discounted access…

  • Full Name
  • Police Agency / Dept
  • Official email address

If you do jump on-board then please join in the discussions. I believe it’s important that manufacturers, installers and integrators continue to hear some of the challenges we face as investigators. As well as obtaining knowledge on surveillance systems, we can, in return, offer our advice on how a product or installation should change to ensure evidential integrity.

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