USB 3.0 Drivers – They are worth checking!

More trials and tribulations….

After upgrading my laptop to Win10, I jumped in head first and did the desktop as well! It all went very well, with everything appearing to work as it should. You may have seen from my posts over at Amped, that I am also testing a number of USB 3.0 devices. Doing all of this AND moving to a new Operating System was bound to cause some issue!

Well, to cut a long story short, one of the USB 3.0 devices would not install correctly on my desktop. I thought there was an issue with the device at first, but it then installed faultlessly on a Win7 machine and then on a Win8.1. I blamed Windows 10 then…. but it installed on my laptop! OK, I was initially stumped.

It was as I was looking in the device manager that I noticed the naming of my USB 3.0 devices.

Image 1

The fact that these had Microsoft at the end triggered the alarm. The devices were working, as I had used them with other equipment, but had Microsoft installed the correct driver when I did a clean install of Win10?

After the usual googling, and refraining from downloading ‘updated drivers’ from, I finally found the recommended drivers for my motherboard. Installation and reboot changed my Device Manager to this…

Image 2The device that failed to install then worked faultlessly.

USB 3.0 devices are known to be fussy – especially if they are linked with Video capture. Its worth remembering to check your drivers – are they up to date, do they work correctly?

As always, I hope this helps somewhere down the line…


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