Certified Forensic Video Analyst

For years, I never really had a title for what I did…. That all changed last week!

When I first started Investigating CCTV in the Police, there was no such role. The requirement to have someone locally dedicated to reviewing, processing and preparing Digital Multimedia Evidence was born out of necessity, rather than any long winded, and often poorly considered, strategic development plan. As a result, I started as a Field Intelligence Officer.

After this was identified as best practice, the role of CCTV Officer was created. Over the years it changed from one thing to another but never really fully related to what I did.

Whilst working my way through the Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Video Association (LEVA) training portfolio I quickly realised that ‘Forensic Video Analyst’ pretty much nailed it on the head. However, no one had ever told me that I was an analyst, or that I should say I was one.

Strangely, I also felt that I would be cheating those who had worked hard to achieve this role. As a result, gaining a Certification in Forensic Video Analysis became my goal.

The most common route to achieve this is through LEVA. It is not a quick, or easy, process and takes some considerable effort.

Training, Study, Research, Development and continuing caseload are all required to get you to that final stage – The Board!

I probably have not been as nervous for some time! With nearly 13 years of experience in FVA and a new future dedicated to it, this meant a hell of a lot to me. After being told that my expertise was no longer required by my own Force and having to make the seriously tough decision to walk away from the service, it was another step forward in repairing the belief in myself.

After 40 minutes, it was waiting time. I paced up and down the corridor outside the executive meeting room at the Clearwater Beach Hilton, and played through various scenarios in my head. Both positive and negative!

Within a few minutes, I was called back in….. “Congratulations, you are a Certified Forensic Video Analyst!”

CFVA_webI am proud to stand alongside the other other CFVA’s around the world and I couldn’t have done it without the continued support and praise from the worldwide Forensic Video Community.

I am dedicated to finding the truth in Video, of correctly understanding the evidence, and am passionate about ensuring a job gets done correctly.

I am a Certified Forensic Video Analyst.

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9 comments on “Certified Forensic Video Analyst

  1. Very well done on your achievement David!
    I’m guessing it probably won’t stop there, particularly as raising the profile of Forensic Surveillance as a recognised and respected forensic discipline, is something that is long overdue here in the UK.
    With this latest milestone, I think your adventure is almost certainly going to become even more interesting in the years to come.

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