Licence Plate Recovery

I’m always up for a challenge!

This tweet perked my interest yesterday..

Image 10c


‘Try it for yourself’ it said – OK then!

Now, you may be wondering why the VideoCleaner version is censored. I have today (27/3/2016) received notice that this number plate can no longer be shown publicly. As a result – you can no longer see the version above or the results below. 

What was even more interesting though was when I read the following at the VideoCleaner support Linkedin Page..

“VideoCleaner was the only program that could recover the license plate from this video”.

For full transparency – I have also now been informed that this wording was an error – It should have stated that it was, ‘the only Free and Open Source Program that could recover the licence plate’.

Now, as most readers of my blog posts here at will know, I am not adverse to free and open source software. I have been using them all for years. I have posted many articles on how to use X to get Y etc etc…

I am also now the International Trainer for Amped Software, The Forensic Image Processing Company.

I always conduct comparative work between Amped FIVE and other FOSS tools, not only to test image quality, but functionality, speed of use and evidential integrity.

So, the question immediately being asked was – Can FIVE do it?

Scrubbing through the 100 frames revealed static pixels under the generated noise.

Image 003

Highlighted area of static levels

By viewing the saturated pixels I could clearly see areas down the right side which did have values.

Image 005

Image 004

After those visual clues were identified it took 2 mouse clicks!

Image 006c


About a minute later – and a few more filters and formatting….



In conclusion – the question being asked was – could FIVE do it?

Answer – Yes!

…and that’s a good thing. Forensic Science is all about repeat-ability. You must be able to reproduce a conclusion if required. I have reproduced Doug’s licence plate. It’s subjective, but I prefer the visual presentation of FIVE’s result. The processing time from load, through analysis, all the way to output was only a couple of minutes. Most of that was analyzing the video to establish a filter chain!

Edited on 27/03/2016 to hide licence plate and explain reasons for censorship. 

5 comments on “Licence Plate Recovery

    • Hi Tim, videocleaner is actually free so he’s not selling anything. He has also posted a correction to his claims and it was only supposed to compare other FOSS, rather than the specialist dedicated forensic software available.

      At least we cleared up whats possible.

  1. Fascinating reading, as ever. Do you think you could give a little more info? Great to know it can be done with FIVE but would love to know how.

    • Thanks Jay. Unfortunately, due to the file now not being allowed, it’s a bit difficult.. But I will be completing a post over at to replicate the process. I will reply to this thread when done so it should appear in your mail.

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