IFSEC 2016


At an earlier IFSEC

It’s IFSEC this week and for the second year running, I am missing out on the fun and games!

IFSEC, for those people not aware, is one huge gathering of everything security related! As a result, it has a huge CCTV and Video Security aspect.

If you are going and see anything new and interesting for Forensic Video Professionals – feel free to comment here.

Also, if you are going, then take the time to see some of the speakers.

Simon Lambert will be speaking on the 22nd June in the main conference area about How to get the best picture possible, and then ensuring that you don’t then throw it away by poor use of compression.


Richard Beckley will be speaking at the TAVCOM lecture area on The ingredients for evidence gathering. For those people that have heard me speak over the past 14 years, with a reoccurring theme of integrity and quality in multimedia evidence, Richard’s lecture should ring a few bells!


It’s a shame I won’t see a few old friends but I can’t really complain about being busy, it was something I was worried about ‘not’ being this time last year!!

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