UK Events for Law Enforcement Forensic Video Analysts and CCTV Investigators

I thought it was important to post these details in the hope that it may promote an attendance from the UK Forces.

Friday 21st October – Forensic Imaging Conference:

Thursday 3rd & Friday 4th November – Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences Autumn Conference:


Unfortunately, due to prior commitments, I am unable to attend either. I do however believe it to be very important that those people actively conducting Forensic Video analysis and CCTV investigation from within UK Law enforcement attend.

One of the subjects regularly discussed when I visit UK Forces to deliver training and conducting Amped Software support is the lack of information they receive and also how many people feel that they do not have voice within the community.

Attending these events are your chance to have that voice and speak up. If you do not, working practices and guidelines may be put in practice that actually hinder you, rather than support you.

I know its short notice, but after receiving an email from a concerned UK Law enforcement colleague today, I thought it best to push this.

You do not want the CSofFS to be led down a path that doesn’t fit with the requirement of UK Policing.

If you do attend, and fancy updating me afterwards for me to post some updates, (with full anonymity), then just mail me!


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