Its been a busy few weeks!


At the beginning of April, I was over in Canada with the Ontario Forensic Video Analysts Association. Many regular readers will know that this has become an annual visit for me, and it is always an honor to be invited back. During this event I presented several workshops built around the events theme of ‘Workflow’.

A few weeks later I was in Sweden, presenting workshops on Forensic Video Analysis and Amped FIVE. This was a different type type of event, with staff from all forms of digital investigation; cellphones, computers, networks and multimedia.

In Canada it was purely video analysts, technicians and investigators.

What links the two, is that both regions have identified the importance of video investigation and its place within their policing communities. It is firmly positioned within the forensic world and given the funding to enable training and equipment.

Next week, I will be with Amped Software at Forensic Europe Expo, Olympia, London.


I will be presenting more workshops, one on Amped FIVE and another on Amped Authenticate.

Authenticate has become the essential software for identifying manipulation in digital images so i’m really looking forward to highlight some of its unique abilities.

There is one word that continues to appear through all of these events and software….


Meaning: “Relates to, or identifies, the application of scientific methods and/or techniques used in the investigation of crime”.

It is vital that we, as image / video analysts keep this in mind. For most, and most readers of this blog, it’s pretty much an unconscious action. However, there are many people who deal with images and video that are not aware of its importance, and continue to handle, process, view and produce multimedia in a manner that does not fall within forensic guidelines. Some people are even developing procedures that assist in this approach, thereby putting users at risk.

Its up to us then to help and educate these people. We must explain why video needs to be dealt with forensically. From Acquisition to court room, and in a manner that holds no prejudice or bias, regardless of who is conducting the work.

If you are visiting FEE next week, I look forward to chatting with you, and showing how Amped software ensures that you can meet the forensic requirement of image and video analysis, without the headaches.

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