Happy Birthday to Amped Software

Big day today…. It’s Amped Software’s 10th Birthday!

When I look back to 2008, and my life within Forensic Video Analysis, things were a little different.

I had started my path to becoming a Certified Forensic Video Analyst and was learning the various techniques and skills required for me to provide the best video evidence.

I was working within an environment linked with cellphone and computer examinations. One thing that I liked about these forms of investigation, was that there were various dedicated applications to assist them.

The advantage those investigators had, was that they were starting with standardized start points. They had standard operating systems and formats.

With video, and specifically CCTV, we did not, and many formats were being analysed for the first time. Even when we did have a known format, each case and frame changes, so each process needs to change depending on the question being asked.

As a result, I may have needed to utilize multiple different pieces of software. If you look back to some of my early blog posts on analysing CCTV, I may have been using (and not limited to)….

  • Virtualdub
  • Defraser
  • Gspot
  • FFmpeg
  • Jpegsnoop
  • Forevid
  • HXD
  • Photoshop
  • Edius

……and not on separate cases…………On the same File!!!!

I was after the single solution to do everything I needed.

As I was unable to move beyond the programming language of Batch files, and as such could not write my own software, I built Spreadys Software Pack. This made my life a lot easier (and many other people’s apparently), by putting everything together in one place.

The problem though was that I was spending a lot of time moving between applications and validating each process… and then having to deal with the different ways each program was dealing with this non-standard video.

As my experience grew, I was observing more changes and inconsistencies. I needed that single solution more now….

I then came across this fast growing company… called Amped Software.

They had developed FIVE – Forensic Image and Video Enhancement

…..and everytime I went back and checked them out – they had made updates, and then brought out new software for Image Authentication.

Towards the end of my career in Policing, I had started to trial FIVE and was using it with every case. I couldn’t use if for the official case work but found that it could have saved me hours everyday, in decision making, processing, analysis and presentation.

I could never understand the reluctance to purchase due to price, when staff’s time is the most expensive component in any investigative role.

…..and the rest, as they say is history!

Upon leaving the police service I was lucky to have choices…. And, if I’m honest, it was a tough time.

As many of you now know – I took on the role of International Trainer at Amped Software. My decision was based all the way back to my early days in needing a single solution for my workflow.

FIVE was fast becoming that solution… and I felt that I could help in getting some of the other components included.

So…. Here we are 10 years down the line….

Multiple applications, huge development… and much more to come.

To Martino, the CEO of Amped Software (and the guy that sends me to train officers and staff worldwide)…

Congratulations! You had idea’s and the skills to put those ideas into software. Most importantly though, you listened to users worldwide in what they needed… and then put those idea’s and requests into the software.

And this is the true power of Amped… it is not just Martino, or the huge team around the world…. It is the users…. You will not find another group of developers, more willing to listen and learn from users, to make the application that you need to make your life easier!

…and to the rest of the team, Well done! It is an honour to work alongside a group of people dedicated to the same goal.

It’s not the final destination – It’s the journey!


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