UK Forensic Science Regulator – FVA Code Review

The UKs Forensic Science Regulator will shortly be conducting an update to the Video Analysis Appendix to the Forensic Science Providers Codes of Practice and Conduct.

All members of the Forensic Image Analysis Division have been asked to submit comments in support of this update.

The current document can be downloaded here:

If readers of this blog wish to comment through me, I will collate and send through as one.

Please be concise and specific.

Remember that images and video have to to pass through a forensic architecture to ensure integrity and reliability in any judicial process. This is our chance to ensure that the codes support this, eliminating the two tier image/video pathway currently being utilized within the UK Criminal Justice System. When there are no safeguards in place, images and video can get into the System that are incorrectly acquired, processed, interpreted and presented.

Use the comments section below so others do not duplicate issues.


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