CCTV, Digital Video and the investigation of such video. This Blog, and the links held within, are mainly connected to this huge and diverse subject.

When not trying to figure out why a manufacturer has tampered with a video standard, you may see and hear of some of my Mountain exploits!

If you find anything helpful, please let me know – it gives me the inspiration to continue with the blog and maybe help others.

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  1. Hihi. I have some ssf file which I cannot open nor play. They are separated into 6 files. I wonder if you can help or let me know which software can open those files.

    • Hi there,
      I have only researched three types of SSF file and these are all documented on the site. Just do a search for SSF in the search bar near the top right. If your files are not any of these then you may have another type that I have not analysed yet.
      I hope the three pages here help you.

  2. Following your Samsung SEC guide, I get the following error:

    `Invalid data found when processing input`

    However if I force it to read it h264 using the following command:

    ffmpeg -f h264 -i test.sec -vcodec copy -fflags genpts -f avi test.avi

    The video converts fine, but no audio. Any ideas on how to keep the audio?

    • Hi there Rob,

      You seem to have found a newer version of the .sec’s and glad you have worked out the forcing h264 workaround. Regarding the audio, I am not sure how it is muxed with the video as I have not got any .sec files with audio recording.
      A lot of manufacturers use a very low audio quality, and as such use codecs more suitable for voice recording and telephony.
      If you cannot send me (or link in a dropbox etc) a small sample .sec, then perhaps send me the result of this ffprobe command:

      ffprobe -show_format -show_streams -count_frames -pretty test.sec > testreport.txt

      The output will identify, and give you a text file, detailing if ffmpeg can read and identify all streams. If the audio stream is identified, I usually separate this from the video.

      So, if the video is mapped as stream 0:0, and the audio is mapped as 0:1, you can use the map function to guide the muxer of what to do.

      ffmpeg -f h264 -i test.sec -vn -acodec copy sec_audio_out.mp2

      obviously the extension is important here and the above example could be used if the audio in the sec file was identified as an mp2.

      A quick way to copy both Video and Audio would be:
      ffmpeg -i test.sec -map 0 -c:v copy -c:a copy test.mp4

      Take a look here on using -map to direct your streams out.

      Hope this helps a little, remember if its easier to stick a test file somewhere for me to look at, you can email me direct at web(at)spreadys.com

  3. Hi David … I am told that you might have some clues as to why I cannot get the Vista.exe player that gets embedded on a DVD burnt by a VISTA DVR during an export to work. Whatever we do the player just says ‘Playback Data not found’ … As we only have 64Bit W7 machines available could it be that ? We can see the video stream with FFplay but need the time data too that is in the .idx files, and for that we need the player. Anyone any clues ?! Many Thanks !! Pete M.

    • Hi Trish – no fee!
      Down the right side you will see a widget called shared BOX. Click the link and the password is ‘validate’. All the files are in there including all the IMM codecs and a preconfigured SMplayer.

  4. Thank you – We are using a Vitek DVR EHL thing for videos… it opens vide and sound on my old cruddy laptop but not on my new desktop with MS 8.1 o other agencies who also use windows 8.1 and media player. But it is critical to our work, are you available to chat with or e-mail?

  5. Hi Spready! This is Kari Ellis from LEVA! I ready your post about V264 files. I have several of them and still cannot open them. Are you in the states? If so, are you able to call me?

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