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Over the last few months I have been watching the page views of and have been continuously surprised, and inspired, by the varied locations of its viewers. It has also been interesting to review the search terms used in order to find information held on here. ‘BKplayer’ is constantly at the top of the list!!!

If you find some information helpful, please consider commenting here, stating where you are in the world and how it has helped. Feel free on suggesting other entries or if you require more information on items already posted.

Thank for your support over the past 18 months,


Figuring out video, one frame at a time…..


3 comments on “Guestbook

  1. I appreciate the work that you have put into this. I do computer forensics and video recovery for a local PD in NC. Your blog is filling a void in my training. Thanks!

    I would be interested in further posts on your tools (paid or otherwise) and your methods.

    • Thank you Mike for your words of support. Currently working on a few good entries that should continue to help you along and give you some pointers.
      FVA is such a minefield due to the unknown starting point that many of my articles serve as a reminder to me as well as helping you guys out in the field.
      Thanks again

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