Join and re-wrap video streams….easily!

*A few minor bugs detected in V1 – currently re-writing to enable better ‘portability’ and to correct naming when inputting over 10 files.

One of the time consuming and often problematic tasks when dealing with raw video streams is joining them together and then placing them within a container file. I have discussed this often and the joining together is known as concatenating. It can only be used when each individual file has the same format and properties as it simply joins them up without any transcoding.

The problem with doing it manually, as discussed here, is that with one slight error with the ffmpeg command and it wont work – you then have to spend time finding the mistake!

VideoConCat.exe saves you from all this trouble!


It is a very simple graphical user interface to join and then re-wrap raw streams.

So, lets say for instance that you have a number of raw, consecutive h264 streams. They have been exported from the Digital Video in 1hr chunks. Something like this….


This is 9hrs of one camera. The task is to now join them together and wrap them into something that I can efficiently deal with.


I have dragged my files in, forced my input detection to be h264, and then set my output parameters. Lastly I have set the frame rate I identified during my initial analysis of a single file. It’s then time to click Concatenate!


6 minutes later I have a 9 hr AVC/H264 AVI with NO TRANSCODING.

This will be added into my new software pack in the coming months but in the meantime, its available in my shared BOX.

Hope it helps…..

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